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Book 2 of Book 3 of Book 4 of Book 5 of Other Formats: Kindle Edition. Book 6 of Book 7 of Levine , Ian McDonald August 25, Order in the next 58 hours 44 minutes and get it by Wednesday, November More Buying Choices - Paperback. Book 8 of Add to Cart. Book 9 of Be the first to review this item. Benedict, Tobias S. Book 10 of More About the Authors. Hoffman Aug 16, Science Fiction 0 comments. From vibrant space operas, to cozy reads, and a few books stuffed with concepts that could change how you see the future… this list has all the good stuff. The 13 Best Science Fiction Books Written by Martin L.

Carey, a caretaker android with a strong sense of human empathy, watches one of his patients die. This is a beautiful story about new experiences, new challenges… and new emotions and a more hopeful look at life with artificial beings. Written by Blake Crouch.

False Memory Syndrome is spreading across the globe, and two people — an NYPD detective and a Neuroscientist — must join together in a mind-bending race to stop reality from collapsing on itself. In this idea-packed thriller from Blake Crouch, memory and the past itself are under siege. Once again, Blake Crouch proves he is more than capable of taking a complicated SF concept — and turning it into a fast-paced thriller. Written by Arkady Matine. As a fish out of water, she must navigate a dangerous alien culture, and make use of a secret technology to try and save her Station.

Written by Seanan McGuire. Two twins with very different personalities… and very special super powers. One creator, who wants to use their powers to attain a new level of control …and maybe even godhood. Written by Ted Chiang. A fantastic short story collection with AI, ancient time travel, and discoveries to shake the definition of being human. Written by Daniel Suarez. Written by Max Gladstone. This is an ensemble story ragtags and misfits who must band together that takes place at the end of time.

Written by Ferrett Steinmetz. Kenna falls in love with the restaurant, gets swept up in its affairs, and must find a way to save this grand cornerstone of culture from certain financial ruin. Written by Annalee Newitz. Together, they must fight to change their worlds for good.

Written by C. A masterful story about survival in an apocalyptic wasteland… and getting your dog back. This book is a journey. Written by Cory Doctorow. Written by Kameron Hurley.

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Part military-fiction, part time-travel thriller, this one will keep you guessing until the end. This book does a majestic job of describing the feeling of being taken apart, particle by particle, as you are beamed onto another planet. Written by James S. Subscribing I accept the privacy rules of this site. Discworld TV series swells its cast TV news. NASA confirms water vapour from Europa science news. The Mandalorian reaches streaming greatness news.

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