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You can either choose a date idea that reflects what you know she likes or a date idea that reflects what you think she might enjoy if she tried it. Either way, take some time to think about what you know about her preferences and use them to narrow down your ideas. You want to take her to a jazz bar, great. Which jazz bar? How far away is it?

The Best First Date Tips: 40 Tips From 40 Experts

What kind of jazz do they play? Can you afford the drinks? Once you know the details fit the date, make your date choice. However, when you make that choice, resist the urge to plan every detail out. If you want to go to a fancy restaurant, make sure to let her make the meal choices. Always have a Plan B just for this purpose.

So, have a back up, different idea. Ideally, one that is near the same location. Make sure you know where that jazz bar is or the best club in the area.

Head over to that record store until she works up an appetite. The best first date ideas are the ones that impress your date and give you the opportunity to get closer. At heart, all first date tips are aiming at this goal. All date ideas really come down to the best ways to bridge the difficult of how to get a girlfriend from that awkward prospective first date. With that in mind, the above date ideas are all designed to provide the ideal date experience for different types of daters and dating preferences.

The good date ideas that work for you are those that keep your interest while also keeping her interested and eager to get closer. Those same ideas may not work for another couple. All of the above ideas are great, but what you need to do is to choose the great first date idea that is right for you. Use the steps above and pick a date idea that really speaks to you.

That way, you can just enjoy your time with your date and enjoy getting closer. Then, get ready for date number 2. Start here. This post contains affiliate links what is this? Share 3. Pin 1. Second Date. A couple of the best emotions you can use on Tinder are suspense and anticipation. They both arise when you inject a little mystery into your conversation. It could be anything like:. The desire to get closure over unfinished business is more than enough to tilt the table in your favor and improve your Tinder results dramatically. So on Tinder we feel like asking pleasant and comfortable questions like:.

16 Ways To Have An Incredible First Date | SELF

We small-talk. Think of conversation like an onion. On the inside are the deeper and self-revealing topics:. The world-renowned behavioral scientist I mentioned before, Dan Ariely, did an experiment with MIT students on this exact issue. You need to be able to move from small talk to something deeper, more exploratory, and more challenging.

The impact this can have on your success is instant. It comes from a guy who came to me because he was struggling to talk to women. After teaching him about deeper conversation and how to use it on a first date this is what happened:. If having deep and interesting conversation is the way to go, then what do you actually talk about? What questions should you ask her? A secret weapon of sorts. The amazing thing is that it worked. Six months after the experiment two of the participants ended up getting married.

Many years later a lady named Mandy Len Catron famously followed this list of 36 first date questions. She ended up falling in love with the man she went on a date with. Read this list and get a feel for how the questions start off on the outside of the onion and go deeper.

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These are the type of questions and discussions that create connection. The questions are broken into three different sets. Each set starts off a little shallow, then builds depth. They promote future visions, openness and honesty, seek out common ground, encourage unity, sharing, emotion, and depth. Watch the short video below where two people on a blind date undertake a similar process of engaging in meaningful conversation.

So back to that list of 36 questions — what are you supposed to do with it?

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Well, even though it sounds silly, you could, and it would help your closeness enormously. When you go deep on a first date you can create consistently powerful connections like you saw in the video. It goes to show that avoiding the friend-zone can be done simply and gentlemanly by asking the right questions.

In the first section of this guide you learned the 7 ingredients to connecting deeply with women. This new skill is going to completely change the way women feel and act toward you. A number of years ago I met this cute college girl named Olivia through an online dating site. Although we had never met up in person, we had been getting to know each other over email for three months.

She knew this because for the last three months we had mostly been talking about our jobs. After months of asking about my life I neglected to ask him about his, then, when I realized this I asked him about his job as an engineer! When I knew he was a business analyst! How embarrassing! I want to ask him if we could meet up sometime but I think I blew my chance. She said we should:. And even more embarrassing was this: A few months earlier I had moved to the other side of the country for work, but mainly so I could use online dating without being found out by people I knew.

Going on a date with Olivia was practically a dream come true for me. My first ever date! Maybe even my first girlfriend! These last few months have been very hard for me. Here was a cute girl who told me she wanted to go on a date with me. Not once, but at least three times. It took me years to find out, but it really can be easy to get women out on dates.

You move up again to a deeper and more meaningful connection. By doing this I was dawdling at the bottom of the connection ladder the entire time. There was no human interaction at all. Not even a phone call.

Get to the Second Date By Following My Failproof Blueprint

We never connected. Or maybe just perfect enough for a fun one-month fling. To fully explore a connection — to squeeze out every last drop of chemistry you can with a woman and explore your potential — you need to be playing at the top level every chance you get. Not just a little less competition, but a lot less. A good kind. The competition women have for YOU.

2. Prepare for an Engaging Conversation

Where you choose to spend your time on the ladder makes a massive difference, much more than the time you spend on the ladder. And sure, it still takes effort to consistently play at the top. Grind it out at the bottom, or increase the human element and enjoy the rewards at the top. Your choice. He was intelligent, kind, motivated, fun, and generous, not to mention a doctor in the making — of course women would want him.

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His Tinder conversations showed his personality well, but they were bloated, often twenty messages long. So I got him to really focus on decreasing the amount of messages he was sending, while at the same time moving up the ladder. We made efficiency and progression a priority. The vast majority of guys are just like Caleb — my previous self included. Once they start moving up, suddenly they realize they are great guys who women truly want.

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