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Monday, June 3, Change to stay the Same: the Philippine midterm elections. Monday, April 15, Return to Europe On our itinerary were three European destinations, all of which were in Italy: Venice, Florence, and last but certainly not least, Rome. While there might be other reasons to visit these three prominent cities, our primary rationale for going to them was the ubiquitousness of the famous art and architecture that graced their municipalities.

Ever since I acquired a love and respect for great art and architecture going back to my days as an art history student in high school, my enthusiasm for works by great artists like Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, Giotto, Botticelli, Donatello etc. For years I could only imagine literally standing in front of the paintings or sculptures of one of these artistic maestros.

But even being there is just the first step to truly appreciating and understanding an esteemed work of art. The viewer should ideally experience some interiorized communion with the objectfor Bachelard this was a residential dwellingpartially in terms of space. Also inherently present in a work of art as far as a viewer is concerned is another Bachelardian point that is perhaps even more subjective than the meditation of space.

In every work of art there is something innate, something indescribable within it that while not definitive, is certainly palpable.

Bachelard would have been proud of how Anna and I looked past what was simply discernible to the eye in each great work that we had the privilege of visiting. Unfortunately, there are many a common tourist who lack a more sophisticated understanding of the Italian masterworks.

One could chalk this attitude up to sensory overload for the unaccustomed mind or to plain old cultural shallowness. I tend to agree with those who presume that appreciating art is an acquired taste, something that has to be learned with the aid of external catalysts. We wanted to honor and cherish every work we came across with every fiber of our aesthetic sensitivity.

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On the flight back home to San Francisco, my mind wandered back to my first trip to Europe in as a six-year old. The memories of that sojourn are sparse and episodic. But they have also been sharp and lucid enough to me over that nearly fifty-year interval between European excursions that I never stopped dreaming of setting out back across the Atlantic someday.

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I knew that I would return, this time as a culturally-ripened enthusiast ready to pay unmediated homage to the greatest art objects the world had ever seen. For once my dream was realized.

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Just like her mother, Tisha is a businesswoman in the field of cosmetology but is also known for her efforts to develop programs and seminars for efficient households. In September , she founded the Angel Brigade, a volunteer arm of her foundation that responded to help calamity victims and help them recover from the effects of natural disasters.

Tisha Bautista has also penned several books on managing households. She is the author of the Smart Parenting Yaya Manual and the Maid Manual, and has also written advice columns for mothers. Aside from writing, Tisha conducted seminars on household skills and worked as a consultant for livelihood programs and seminars for brides-to-be and housewives who want to run their households more efficiently.

They went on to have 4 children. However, after 13 years, the couple became estranged. The Comelec chair said that he tried to fix the marriage by undergoing counseling but his wife remained unfaithful. The tension between the two reached a new level when Tisha met with President Rodrigo Duterte on July 26 to disclose that her husband had amassed unexplained wealth.

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She later submitted an affidavit to the National Bureau of Investigation NBI disclosing information supporting her allegations. The money was supposedly stored in 4 bank accounts, was invested in two condominium units, real properties, and "interests in corporations and loan agreements" in 3 overseas or offshore companies.

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Ang aking pagkatao, para po akong nagahasa sa aking sariling pamamahay ," he said on Monday, August 7. In truth, I am the victim here, a victim of betrayal. I feel like I've been "raped" in my own household. We will show in the following days that this is a case of extortion and harassment.


He also claimed that he was a victim of infidelity and that there was a third party involved with his estranged wife. In an interview with the Inquirer , Tisha admitted that she was aware of accusations that she was one of the reasons behind the breakup of a high-profile couple. Meanwhile, the NBI has launched a probe into the allegations of Tisha Bautista while senators also called for an investigation, saying that the allegations might raise doubts about the results of the elections.

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Duterte, however, denied ordering the NBI to look into the matter, adding that he is treating the issue as a quarrel between husband and wife. With a public hearing in the horizon, will we be hearing more from and about Mrs Andy Bautista? These stories made other people. Welcome to Rappler, a social news network where stories inspire community engagement and digitally fuelled actions for social change. Read more.

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