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Shipping costs: EUR 0. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of The Defender Jackson Hole 6. Mar 07, Andrea rated it did not like it Shelves: free. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Heroes : Secured by the SEAL / Ranger Defender

To view it, click here. Normally I'd give 2 stars. It was boring and I didn't like the plot, but it wasn't terrible. It's because the "heroine" wasn't a woman at all but a pathetic little girl. She brought the whole thing down, and the plot was uninteresting and monotonous to begin with without her annoying the crap out of me. I like the education animals. Leather jesses around the Normally I'd give 2 stars. Injured veterans can be sent to a falconer as rehab. A bird ruffling feathers is a good sign-they're comfortable. I noticed imm that the author educated readers in a way that didn't work.

She had characters talk to others who already knew what they were talking about. Katie told Donna, her falconer foster mom and taught Katie everything she knew, things like "When Sam starts making these smaller circles, he's ready to come in and get fed. Joe on pg5 was way too soon. Slow down. I was so annoyed. I hate instant feelings.

The Defender (Mills & Boon M&B): First edition

I didn't like that Joe had been married. Surely that'd be the last thing u do to sum1 risking their life overseas.

The Bride Audiobook by Maya Banks

On pg. Just convenient. And I hate convenient. Everything that transpired was terribly convenient. The convo was so stilted and unrealistic. Too many things fell into place without him even trying.

Dangerous Nights: Tall Dark Defender / Undercover Wife (Mills & Boon M&B)

Joe didn't seem like a veteran, much less a wounded one. I didn't believe his career and he wasn't manly. Lorna called me right after she found out. They were heading out the door to Germany where you were taken for treatment. I don't believe ppl would say these things. It's hard losing a child at any age. And thank goodness, our prayers were answered. You said he was training you to take over his ranching and landscaping business?

Could you do both? How about asking 1? And I hate when ppl pose things as a? I'm dancing for joy. There's a falconer coming for the job! I didn't like how Katie handled Joe's test. She made him get the most diff falcon.

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Katie said "work before play. Her mom's sex life-ew. She said it was 6 mo. I wanted to puke. I knew the birds were going to be the best part, bcuz Katie and Joe weren't bringing anything to the table. But the whole thing was about the birds. Get this bird out of the mew, weigh them, feed them, get another bird out, weigh, feed, another bird. Weigh, feed. Put back.

Next bird! This constant routine is really exciting to read. Who has felt an electric shock when touching someone? That's like touching a live fence. Do you want to feel that?? Katie came off as insecure and defensive. He's a beauty and really, very well-behaved. He doesn't think the bird is hard to handle as you do. Their convos were putting me to sleep. Hallmark movies are more stimulating.