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Tracy Jefferson Baltimore st w of Cove. Tracy Mayhew, South st. Traeyser L. Treacy Hugh, merch. Treacy Matthew merch. Paul's st. Notice - I hereby forewarn all persons not to trust my wife, Mary Treacy, as she has left my bed and board without any just cause.

British Guiana Colonists Index "B"

I will pay no debts of her contracting from this date January 17th , and all persons are also hereby forewarned not to harbour her, or her property as I am determined to institute legal proceedings against such offenders. Hugh Treacy.

Tracey James, land agent, cor St. Paul's and Fayette Sts. Tracey Philip, locksmith, Green st s of Baltimore. Tracey John, huckster, Haw st w of Emory. Tracey Garrett T. Tracy M. Paul's st near Baltimore, dw Tracy Garrett, wheelwright, Market st extended. Trayser Philip P. Tracey James, tinner, 69 Monument st. Tracey Alexander, boiler maker, n Eden St.

Tracey Nicholas, Aisquith st. Tracey George, turner, 65 n Schroeder st. Tracey James, property and commission agent, Jarvis buildings, North st. Tracey Thomas, laborer, 3 New st. Tracy Rezin, shoemaker, 18 Ross st. Tracy Philip P. Tracy John, Vine st. Paul st. Tracy John, laborer, 13 Mulberry court, near Lexington st. Tracy William, machinist.

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Tracy Hugh, tailor, 6 w Falls avenue. Tracy Jarret, car builder, Raborg st. Trayser P. Tracey Alex. Tracey Jarret, carpenter, 21 Sterrett. Tracey James, tinner, 72 Short. Tracey Edward, carpenter, w Pratt.

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Tracey John, machinist, w Lombard. Tracey Margaret, 8 Park. Tracey Martin, laborer, 59 Clay. Tracey James, land agent, w Fayette, office Exchange buildings. Tracy John, boiler maker, Chester s of Pratt.

Tracy John, horse dealer, w Lombard. Tracy Thomas, huckster, 3 New. Tracy William A. Tresay John, carter, s Canal. Tracy James, boarding house 80 south water. Tracy John, grocer corner Crabb and Shippen. Tracy Ann widow shopkeeper High near Sch. Tracy Edward, grocer Chesnut near 13th. Tracy Hugh, 28 Franklin Court. Tracey Hugh, north wast corn 3d and high. Tracy Edward, grocer and tavern keeper Chesnut near 13th. Tracy widow of Edward, High W.

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Tracy widow of John, 14 Crab. Tracey Hugh, NE cor third and High. Tracy Edward, tavernkeeper Chesnut above 13th. Tracey Hugh, back 86 High.

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  8. Tracy Edward, tavern keeper Chesnut above 13th. Tracey Bernard, lab. Tracey John, cushion mr. Goldsmith's Hall Library bel 5th. Tracy Adam, weaver, Paschalville. Tracy Ann, 16th Wayne.

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    Tracy Charles, Latimer W 16th. Tracy Edwd, weaver, 12 Monroe pl. Tracy George, bootmr. Tracy Hugh, cordw. Market ab 18th. Tracy John, lab. Tracy John, porter, S 6th.

    List of shipwrecks in 1819

    Tracy Michael, confect. Tracy Michael, lab. Monroe pl K. Tracy Michael, tailor, Market, h 11th bel Wallace. Tracy Peter, weaver, 9 Monroe pl. Tracy Sarah, gentw.