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I did think at first that this book would be similar to Five Have a Wonderful Time , but funnily enough, apart from Janet and Peter spotting a figure through the telescope, this is where the similarity ends.

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Like all good Blyton books the ending is a happy one and the Seven will benefit from a fine reward, some of which they intend to use to buy Jack a brand new telescope. Enid then writes that it will be a 'lovely Christmas for everyone'. Which I did puzzle over at the time, for the book was set in November! Maybe Enid was looking forward to Christmas, and thought she'd make a mention of this. It was her book, after all! Fan Fiction. In the Seven's shed.

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That annoying Susie! What a wonderful telescope A face in a window at Torling Castle? Scamper gets the villain! They need to find Tolly and Brownie somewhere to hide out - somewhere that dangerous horse thieves will never find. But where? The Secret Seven are ready to solve any mystery, any time in Enid Blyton's classic series of 15 novels, now reissued with fabulous new covers and illustrations. Perfect for young fans of mystery, adventure or detective stories.

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It's their first adventure and the Secret Seven super-sleuths are already on the trail of a mystery! The gang are dressed in disguise, following a lead to a spooky old house in the snow In book six, Peter and Janet are the only witnesses when a car is stolen. They saw the thieves, and now the whole of the Secret Seven are involved.

But when they realise they're on the trail of a dangerous gang, the Seven don't feel quite so brave. Have they taken on too much this time? In book eight, Peter and Jack go looking for their lost model aeroplane in an old abandoned house and find a lit fire in one of the rooms.

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Who is living there, and why? Looks like the Secret Seven have another interesting case to solve.

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In book four, something mysterious is going on at Tigger's Barn, and the Secret Seven are intrigued. Peter thinks it's all just gossip, but Jack isn't so sure when he overhears a strange conversation. Looks like the Seven are on the trail of another exciting adventure. In book seven, the Secret Seven have a fantastic new hiding place, but somebody else has been using it too. Whoever it is is going there at night, and the gang are going to put a stop it.

They are determined to catch the cheeky intruder, whatever it takes. In book fourteen, Scamper the spaniel discovers an unwanted visitor, then he protects the Secret Seven as they spy on a thief late at night in Bramley Woods! What on earth would the Secret Seven do without their dog? In book thirteen, dogs are disappearing from the village, but the Seven are so busy arguing and falling out with each other that they don't even notice.

Then poor Scamper becomes the latest victim and it's all systems go for the Secret Seven! In book twelve, there are strange happenings indeed at Torling Castle! Someone is hiding out in the ruined tower, making the resident jackdaws very unsettled. Who is it, and what do they want?

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The Secret Seven are on it. In book five, a sinister-looking man gets George in trouble with the police. The Secret Seven are outraged. Spying on him, the gang are certain he's bad news, but what exactly is he up to?

They need to investigate, and solve the mystery, once and for all! A second, action-packed Secret Seven adventure by prize-winning author Pamela Butchart, brilliantly illustrated by Tony Ross. The Secret Seven are excited to be chosen as extras in a local play, but during the opening performances things go seriously wrong.

Could someone be trying to sabotage? The cast and crew are adamant that a theatre ghost must be causing the mysterious accidents, but the Seven aren't convinced. It's up to the gang and their spaniel Scamper to find out who is really behind the mischief - and why! Set in the same world and time as the original stories by Enid Blyton, both Mystery of the Skull and this fantastic new book satisfyingly extend the series for fans old and new.

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Both stories are brought to life by Tony Ross's brilliant illustrations throughout. Read all 15 stories in the original Secret Seven series First published in , this edition contains the original text and is unillustrated. Book Description : An enduringly popular series, now with fun new covers! About the Author : Enid Blyton's books have sold over million copies and have been translated into other languages more often than any other children's author.

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