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Deux appels et un seul tribunal. Les discussions portaient sur le salair …. Les deux p …. Anglais voler.

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Davantage pour eux, …. Est-ce que sa nomination comme leader de l'opposition est un pas vers l …. Fatra pa konpran. Fools d …. One was a vast mighty and magnificent empire, brilliantly organized and culturally unified, which dominated …. Decentralisation and advisers Like many others I did express my apprehensions at what I perceived as excessive centralizing tendencies and open invo ….

Des classiques, des premiums, des hybrides. Ou au pis aller, com ….

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En vue de gagner des vote …. Ils craignent la fermeture de leurs commerc …. Surveillance of political opponents is becoming a major issue with reports appearing on social media that with the aid of an Israeli firm, ….

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Derniers articles. Des supporteurs de foot belges auteurs de chants nazis ne seront pas poursuivis. Derniers blogs.

Mobilizon : Un outil libre et fédéré pour sortir nos événements de Facebook !

Philippe Velilla. Gideon Saar, le rival. La mondialisation du ras-le-bol. Maurice-Ruben Hayoun. Elisabeth Rozen. Guide de survie en club de sport Freddy Eytan. Pierre Saba. Mises en examen.

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Farid Mnebhi. Penser la guerre de Gaza I : l Brian A. La Zone Grise.

Comptine d'Un Autre Été- Die fabelhafte Welt der Amélie Piano [Large Version 2010].mp4

Le fil info. La Croix. Dans les stations, avalanche de sports divers La Croix. Top Ops. David Horovitz. We all take a look at the things and persons around us. Not only with the eyes.

Ma Nouvelle-France

With our ears, our nose, our skin, our memory…. What we sense is ever-changing. Nothing can force us to sense what comes as a clear evidence, as being unchangeable. If we want, we can therefore defy the law of nature, brighten up everyday life, imagine all the possibles. Children are good at that.

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The artists help us to not loose this ability. To see the worlds in the world, we must change our eyes. To have the birds hearing our song, we must change our throat. To avoid boredom, we must overstep all normal bounds. To break free from our ball, we must disregard weights and mesures. An ashtray, a coffee pot and a light bulb defy the laws of gravity and magically begin to float.

Through the video, an absurd object, useless, becomes protagonist of the magic, of the illusion. Man considers the wear of his indignation abilities to be a form of intelligence. He is given everyday an overflow of informations which, instead of increasing his lust for life, corrupt his sensitivity and mind. He loses his courage. He loses his time.

He loses his references.

Philippe Grandrieux à Hongkong, ou quand l’art nous parle de la violence du monde

The images of a suffering humanity blind us, overwhelm us, drown us… The only lifebuoy is indifference. The artist Chery Pagurek comes at the right time. She made the most of the news footage spread on our screens without affecting us.

She placed them in the heart of her intimate life: One of them includes the bitter of the tragedy of shipwrecked migrants, the other one presents the sweetness of people upheavals on public squares all over the world.