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Log In. More options Purchase digital access to this article Download and print this article for your personal scholarly, research, and educational use. Summary From its early foundations, two schools of thought have dominated academic anthropology's perspective on deep human history 1.

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After waiting a long time Izanagi lit a torch to go find her and when he saw her rotting body he fled and sealed the door to the underworld. Izanami then vowed to kill 1, people each day and Izanagi promised to create 1, to replace them. This myth would once have been used to explain how everything came into being and the cycle of life and death. He played a large role in the three attempts to create humankind, destroying the second generation that displeased the gods and creating the third and final version of the human race out of corn. Like earthquakes, hurricanes are often unpredictable. Marduk was possibly the most important god in Mesopotamian mythology.

Marduk led the new gods in battle against the old gods. Marduk and his army defeated the old gods and he became the supreme god. After this, Marduk created the sky and earth, as well as the first human beings. Marduk decreed that humans would do the work gods had no time for and in return the gods would care for them. Even today, we debate the origins of the earth.

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This myth is another example of a culture's attempt to explain how we all came to be and our purpose in life. Thor is the hot-tempered god of thunder in Norse mythology, the son of the chief god, Odin, and goddess of the earth, Fjorgyn. As a strong and courageous warrior, Thor was the protector of both gods and humans.

Thor was so revered that when the Anglo-Saxons adopted the Roman calendar, they named the fifth day of the week 'Thursday', after him. Thunder and lightning can be powerful and frightening. So, believing it was Thor defending his people probably soothed some terrified souls. This is one we all know, illustrating the magnitude of mythology.

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Cupid was the god of love and desire. He was the son of Venus and usually depicted as a winged child carrying a bow and arrows. His arrows could either draw people together or pull them apart. This myth tries to explain why one person can be so intensely drawn to another and even why relationships don't always work out the way you hoped. It also shows that myths didn't only cover natural events but day-to-day life too. The Cailleach is the winter goddess who created the mountains and hills that speckle the Scottish Highlands.

Some myths say she created them as her stepping stones. Others say she accidentally created them when she dropped rocks out of her apron. Her staff froze the ground but she kept the seeds safe for spring. Her story encompasses the power and beauty of nature and the changing of the seasons.

Of course, now we have the benefits of science. But, back then, it might've been helpful to attribute such glory to the hands of a god.