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Ion Beam Surface Analysis. High-accuracy elemental analysis hydrogen to uranium of materials and surfaces from a wide range of sample types. Ion Implantation Equipment.

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We design and build ion implantation equipment that allows for flexibility of use, where a wide range of ions can be produced and implanted into a broad cross section of materials. Industrial Scanners. We are developing and commercialising non-invasive automatic industrial scanners for novel measuring and detecting applications across a range of industries. Publications and patents.

Our team consists of world-leading development scientists, supported by expert electronic, mechanical and software engineers.

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Materials and processes using materials that will improve the use, recovery, remediation and recycling of resources, including biomass, energy, food, minerals, waste and water. The materials can be structural and functional, inorganic, organic or inorganic-organic hybrids. They can be classified as soft matter or hard matter depending on their characteristics.

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Nanoscale memory technologies that mimic processes in the human brain will revolutionise computing and machine learning. The alliance brings together a diverse and complementary group of RMIT researchers working in the fields of memory, intelligence and brain science. RMIT is partnering with a leading pharmaceutical company in developing new vaccine technologies, to streamline the design of novel lipid nanoparticles for delivering large therapeutic bioactive compounds.

The project aims to develop new drug delivery technologies based on biocompatible lipid nanomaterials to overcome the problem of how to effectively deliver poorly soluble drugs.

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This is a significant issue for the pharmaceutical industry, as more than 90 per cent of new drug candidates and up to 40 per cent of the drugs on the World Health Organisation Essential Drug List are lipophilic poorly soluble. Close search. Not a local student?

Not an international student? Switch to local content RMIT considers you an international student if you are: intending to study on a student visa, or not a citizen or permanent resident of Australia, or not a New Zealand citizen, or not a Temporary Protection visa TPV holder. Creating advanced materials to address the future needs of industries through the design of new materials and modification of existing ones.

Brian D. MacEachen, C.A., Non-Executive Board Chair

We research the advanced materials needed by the industries of tomorrow. The research skills and competencies within this ECP can be applied to any sector or organisation, regardless of size or stage of development. The primary areas where our expertise will be directed are indicated below.