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The panelists agree that content is essential. Learn more about digital marketing services from Freeman. Want to create personalized experiences and provable ROI? Get in touch with the Freeman team to start planning your next event. Learn how to plan, design, and execute your trade show booth to generate conversation, build relationships, and elevate your brand. What specific problems, challenges and pain do they have that they need to solve that your product or service can help them with? Depending on how well you know and understand your ideal client, you may be able to easily brainstorm dozens of problems right now.

These are all clues as to what the market needs and wants.

And these are the topics you should be focused on as well. You can still research deeper. Check out Facebook groups, forums and communities around these topics. Research websites such as Quora. I suggest you check out our article on the 7 free tools for never ending content ideas where we give you even more powerful research websites and tools.

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You now have a powerful list of ideas for content you can create to engage with your audience and move them towards doing business with you. Review your list and now identify the high stakes problems that your audience has. These are the most pressing problems. These are the problems that keep your ideal client up at night.

These will be the problems you want to focus on solving in your marketing campaigns and with your offers. These are the high stakes problems your future customers have that they will pay you to help them solve. To get you started with defining your target market, you can download this Customer Avatar Worksheet that should get the mind working on figuring out exactly who your content should be targeting.

These are just a few of the questions you should be asking, but once you get these down, you are well on your way! If you are going to succeed online, you are going to have to create a steady flow of valuable content for your target market Let me repeat this: Your job is to create consistent daily content for your audience that address their top challenges, problems, pains, dreams, desires, and questions It identifies an 'itch' your audience has, and then it 'scratches' that itch!

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And we know from decades of experience that their top 2 biggest challenges are leads and money So what do we do? We follow this exact 7-Step Attraction Marketing Method and crank out content like a machine every single day that educates, teaches, and trains our audience on how to get more leads and make more money in their businesses And YES, YOU need to work with the end in mind and have an offer congruent with your content that you can sell to your audience when they are ready to master your particular subject Your content should pre-sell your audience on the benefits of what you have to offer without having to do any 'selling,' yet People will want to buy from you when you follow this 7 Step Attraction Marketing Method.

Who do you want to be, and for what target audience? Do you want to impact and serve people who are interested in health and wellness? Or people who are interested in personal growth? Maybe people who are interested in traveling the world? Or maybe people who are interested in learning how to build a successful online business? You must decide who your audience is ASAP because if you don't know who you're speaking to It's also time to decide what platform s you want to build your audience on We recommend focusing on maximum 2 at first, and we recommend you building your e-mail subscriber audience sometimes called your e-mail list , and your Facebook audience if you are just getting started.

After creating thousands of success stories and profitable students, we've come up with a very simple formula to help you create laser focus in your business on a daily basis to all but guarantee results And you spend some time each day to ENGAGE with that audience, and create valuable content that speaks to their biggest challenges If you ever feel lost in your business, simply come back to our 'B-E-S' foundation If you focus your attention on and execute these 3 activities every single day B-E-S , you will succeed just like thousands of our members who have come before you!

But we must fully understand that it is PEOPLE who give you money in exchange for stuff they believe will make their lives better For a majority of your prospects, in order for you to 'close the sale,' you are going to have to build trust When you do this regularly, you create a chemical bond with your prospect And because you consistently send them content that makes their lives better, you will start to gain trust.

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Over time, you will start to induce one of the greatest influence triggers know to man-kind: Reciprocity. Marketing in this fashion also gives you the permission from time to time to recommend solutions and services to your audience because you have now built trust. We believe that's half true YES, there is great benefits to building a massive e-mail list of customers and prospects.

Attraction Marketing: Simple 7 Step Method to DOMINATE Your Industry

The money may be in the list You are in the 'people' business. The best way to uncover each individual prospect's pain is to connect and actually talk with them. If you simply take the time to reach out and connect with your prospect who opted in to your website, or connected with you on Facebook messenger or anywhere else And you are losing money if you are not connecting with and taking the time to discover what each individual prospect TRULY wants and needs. And they need YOU to get their products out to the world And your MLM company wants every conversation with every prospect to lead to ONE solution: their mlm products even if the prospect isn't a good match, they want you to send them to the 'presentation!

Think about this And then you will open the flood-gates to a never-ending flow of customers, you will maximize your profit potential, and you will grow your business! Part of the 7-Step Attraction Marketing Method is stop chasing unqualified friends and family, and stop trying to convince every stranger in sight about how amazing your opportunity is!

It's the 21st century - there's a better way Are you in netork marketing? This video above may ring true for you then If you only have one revenue stream, it's going to be difficult to create financial freedom online. ALL top earners online embrace multiple income streams that serve their audience It's just smart business. If you are with a company where you are only allowed to market ONE solution, you are going to be in trouble.

Zero diversification. Massive risk. It isn't smart business. Can you imagine if McDonald's was only allowed to sell hamburgers?!

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They would go broke! McDonald's makes their profits from all the other stuff you buy once you are in the restaurant: the upsell on the fries, soda, ice cream etc. In fact, the most profitable upsell in the history of the world is Here's why multiple income streams are a big part of the proven 'Attraction Marketing Method,' and why you need them if you want any chance of success I used to market my business opportunity up front because that's what the company told me to do this was before I found the information you're reading right now.

If someone was NOT interested in my specific business opportunity, but they already had a business, or were looking to start one I knew that they would need to learn traffic, and how to make money with their business via the internet. This question has made our community a LOT of money because we've spent since perfecting a solution that trains entrepreneurs how to get more leads and make more money The business owners below are now household names, and today they have created businesses and lifestyles of absolute freedom But each of the leaders below struggled for years until they found 'Attraction Marketing.

Once they started branding themselves, creating value for their audience, and following this exact '7-Step Attraction Marketing Method,' they started attracting customers and buyers, they started making sales , and they started living the life of their dreams If you can follow the 7 steps above, you will begin to reap the benefits that all top earners enjoy thanks to our '7-Step Attraction Marketing Method' The faster you can can figure out the above for your specific business, the faster you will be making money.

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Our students, members, clients, and company follow this exact '7-Step Attraction Marketing Method' that you now possess Since , one of our company core values has been to 'become so valuable that our customers can't leave. I encourage you to adopt these 2 core values because they will change your world. We hope you enjoyed this 'Attraction Marketing' blog post, and that it gave you a solid understanding of the 'secret' marketing strategy of every single top earner you see online. Brian has 11 years of internet marketing experience under his belt, but the first 3 years of his career were spent in zero profit because he was not branding himself.