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And global warming is probably a lie anyway! It made a convenient shield for then—prime minister Stephen Harper 's aggressive expansion of the oil sands which is unsurprising, given his connections to the movement to the point where the government has repeatedly accused Canadian environmental groups of being agents of sinister foreign powers. They also successfully lobbied the Canada Revenue Agency to harass audit various environmental charities. Indeed, Canuckistan had its recovery after sweetened thanks to resource industries in Western Canada picking up the slack from struggling manufacturing in the East.

This, of course, is a double-edged sword that could mean dangerous politics.

David Suzuki: Is oil from Alberta's tar sands ethical?

There are growing signs that the economy is becoming over-reliant on the energy sector; [7] [8] while this wouldn't be in a problem in, say, Saudi Arabia , the petroleum in Alberta is extremely unconventional bitumen. No allegory to the Yukon Gold Rush needed.

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It didn't have to be this way: the province had a Heritage Fund specifically designed to prepare for a post-oil economy, progressively squandered over the last 30 years due to the boom and bust of oil prices and anti- tax rhetoric it's Alberta we're talking about here, remember. Branding itself as a "small grassroots organization" [17] , Ethical Oil Institute deer caught in the headlights "spokesperson" Kathryn Marshall married to Hamish I.

Statement 2: Other people argue that… That the environmental, health, and social costs of the oil sands are not worth the economic benefit of the resource. Areas of wilderness the size of small countries are being chewed up by the oil sands and replaced by a landscape of toxic lakes, open pit mines, refineries, and pipe lines.

Instead of continuing further development, incentives and investment should be directed towards findings alternatives to fossil fuels. The results reflect the division in the country over the issue. It is also worth noting that about a quarter of Canadians 23 per cent rejected both statements and felt neither represented their views.

Book Review — Ethical Oil: The Case for Canada’s Oil Sands by Ezra Levant | reeves report

Almost a majority 47 per cent sided with Greenpeace. In contrast, one in four Canadians 50 years of age and older 25 per cent sided with Levant while 35 per cent sided with Greenpeace. Geographically, there were few surprises. Quebec residents were far more likely to side with Greenpeace than Ontarians or Western Canadians.

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In the West, opinion was more even distributed with 28 per cent siding with Levant and 33 per cent siding with Greenpeace. Finally, and perhaps most noteworthy, are the suggested political implications. This should not come as a surprise.

Canada oil sands' "ethical" rebrand

However, Conservative Party supporters were more divided. Three in 10 Conservative supporters 34 per cent sided with Levant while another 30 per cent sided with Greenpeace.

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When it comes to the oil sands and issues surrounding energy and the environment, Conservative supporters do not appear to share a single, monolithic view of the oil sands. The argument made in Ethical Oil does not seem to resonate with many Canadians. Instead, the two opposing issue frames are about the environment and the economic benefit. As long as CAPP and the governments of Alberta and Canada frame the issue around jobs and the economy, a large proportion of the country will follow their lead.

December 6, Originally appeared in the The Hill Times on December 6, The statements displayed were: Statement 1: Some people argue that… if the oil sands were to be shut down tomorrow, the United States would simply replace our petroleum with petroleum from unstable countries, some of whom are known to sponsor terrorism. Related posts:. First Edition.

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