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Helpers janus 22 , AnnaClaire 13 , davidgn 8. Series by cover 1—7 of 40 next show all. Becoming a Healthier Pastor by Ronald W. Care and Counseling of the Aging by William M. Competency Based Counseling by Thomas Frank. Conscience and caring Creative pastoral care and counseling series by Geoffrey Peterson.

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Counseling Adolescent Girls by Patricia. Counseling for Liberation by Charlotte H. Counseling Men by Philip L. Creative singlehood and pastoral care Creative pastoral care and counseling series by John R. Crisis Counseling by Howard W.

Empowering couples a narrative approach to spiritual care by Duane R. Integrative Family Therapy by David C. Lay caregiving by Diane Detwiler-Zapp. Mansell Pattison. Esteban Montilla.

Crisis Counseling

Although a pastor in a congregational setting is used in most examples, the recommendations can be helpful to hospital and college chaplains, deacons, and youth chaplains as well as pastoral counselors. Carol J.

Healing Through Pastoral Care

Adams, a nationally recognized author, has been involved in responding to the needs of abused women since the mid-seventies, after graduation from Yale Divinity School. In addition to establishing hotlines for battered women, she has served or chaired various national domestic violence projects and committees, taught in seminaries, and served as a consultant to churches on sexual violence.

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Counseling Men opens the way for men to discuss and discover their fears and losses in conversation with clergy, pastoral counselors, and lay caregivers. Ministers—both clergy and lay—are often the first recourse for people in crisis, and people expect them to navigate through emergency, tragedy, disaster, loss. Often these persons are paralyzed and they expect help to get in motion again. Crisis Counseling is written for persons who seek to provide such assistance, whether as ministers or hotline volunteers or pastoral counselors.

Here, Howard W. Stone unites the historic skills of pastoral care and counseling with the recent methods of crisis intervention from the fields of psychology and psychotherapy. The insights of marriage and family systems also have been incorporated into this book, even though crisis intervention arose out of individual psychotherapeutic theory and practice. This thoroughly revised book includes new material on suicide, working with the family of Alzheimer patients, crisis counseling by telephone, intervention in volatile or hazardous situations, and the minister's personal safety.

Pastoral counselors, therapists-in-training and clergy are usually introduced to one method of family assessment and treatment, which works better in some situations than in others. Integrative Family Therapy introduces the major schools of family therapy, proposes a tested model that integrates the various approaches, and illustrates how this model functions both for assessing and treating family problems.

Seven central concepts are discerned as a way of understanding the various family therapies as a group. Then the major family therapy theories are discussed, including cognitive, family life cycle-developmental, interactional-communication, multigenerational, object relations, problem solving and structural family. After examine their deep structures, an integrated model of six discrete moments is presented and illustrated. David C. He is a clinical member and approved supervisor in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors and has supervised the training of family therapist for several years.

Thomas , Jack Cockburn , Patricia H. Davis , Philip L. Format: Digital.

Publisher: Fortress Press. Be the first to rate this. Configure payment plan in cart. Add to Cart. Overview The message of the Gospel concerns not only the message of salvation, but also the promise of comfort and hope. Key Features Wisdom and advice from experienced pastors and caregivers Specific resources on caregiving for the sick and the dying, suicide prevention, domestic violence, medical emergencies, and ministry to the elderly Outlines and discussion of multiple methods of therapy Reflections at the intersection of theology and psychology.

I applaud the groundbreaking work by Esteban Montilla and Ferney Medina, especially for its effort to bring the Latino world into dialogue with the mostly Anglo clinical pastoral tradition.

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This is a serious and helpful work that deserves our attention. Montilla and Medina discuss appropriate clinical helping skills and cultural competence by recognizing the importance of spirituality in Latinos' lives and how the family structure and daily life are influenced by this connection to a high power. They have created an informative and pragmatic text on an under-recognized paradigm for helping and healing—the integration of spirituality into the counseling relationship. Beginning caregivers, be they ordained or lay, will find the encouragement they need along with good, practical guidance — often couched in wonderful illustrative stories — about how to effectively bear Christ into the pain and sorrow of the people to whom they are privileged to minister.

Henry F.

He not only makes the point that, historically, most spirit care is brief but also goes on to suggest how brief spiritual direction can be done. He provides a way that ministers and concerned laypersons can offer spiritual direction that honors the person, recognizes the context of how the care is offered 'on the run,' and stays true to the historical ways spiritual direction has been offered. I think you will find his specific suggestions for how to go about care, and the specific interventions involved, very beneficial. Pastoral Visitation Author: Nancy J.

Premarital Guidance Author: Charles W. In Premarital Guidance , Charles Taylor does not rehash well-worn phrases about marriage. He combines systems theory, cognitive therapy, sociological data, and the traditions of the church with pastoral theology and pastoral care from a new and fresh perspective. In the church and even outside of it, few subjects stir controversy—and tempers—more quickly than the church's response to homosexuality.

Thomas and Cockburn have given counseling pastors and pastoral psychotherapists a valuable research-based systems-oriented, growth-enabling model that will help them think outside the boxes of traditional insight-oriented, pathology-based approaches to pastoral counseling and ministry. Their model focuses on short-term methods of activating people's strengths and potential resources for changing their perception of problems and taking charge of their lives.

What they are writing about, ministers will be talking about five to ten years from now. This manuscript is very creative. Zurheide and Howard W.

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Belief in the poser of God is not diluted as a means to 'explain' why these things happen, but rather affirms the power of God as manifest in the very vulnerability of God. Pastors are privileged to offer ministry in the context of bereavement grief, but in this book Oates takes us into life situations where the significance of grief, separation, and loss often go unnoticed—such as divorce and employment situations. These are particular grief experiences, and Oates opens the readers' eyes to expanded opportunities for caregiving. Attentive to the life cycle, Oates insightfully reminds us of separation and loss issues from birth to death.

As always, Oates discovers nuggets of biblical wisdom and spiritual insight that ground pastoral care in the Christian tradition and connect caregiving with the faith of the parishioner. Lester, Brite Divinity School, Fort Worth, Texas This is one of those rare resources that is comprehensive and profound while remaining simple and concise in its presentation. Chris lives in Madison with his wife of twenty-one years, Jill, and their three children, Reagan, Kennedy and John Walker. Pastoral Care chardin broadmoor.

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He currently serves as a staff counselor at Broadmoor Baptist Church. He performs marital, family, and individual therapy encompassing many grief, elder issues and provides spiritual counsel. He also serves as the Triage Counselor. Before coming to Broadmoor, Cliff served at Parkview Baptist Church in Metairie, Louisiana as the Senior Adult Minister where he supplied counseling to homebound and nursing home members as well as individual and marital therapy including depression and conflict resolution.