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News24 reported that a mother from Sallies village in Brakpan was suspected to have shot and killed her three children before setting their house alight and turning the gun on herself.

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Police spokesperson Captain Pearl van Staad told News24 that the incident happened just after on Wednesday. He found his wife with their three children in the living room with the bullet wounds of a 9mm pistol, which was lying on the floor next to his wife," police said in a separate statement. The weapon used belongs to the year-old woman's husband.

He claimed to have been at work at the time of the incident, Van Staad said on Thursday. According to Netwerk24, the family has a history of domestic violence. The Afrikaans online subscription news service quoted a community policing forum source claiming that the children appeared to have been drugged before being shot. The source reportedly said the woman had asked her husband for money for clothes for the children.

He reportedly gave her the keys to the safe, which is how she managed to get hold of the pistol. When police accompanied the husband into the house to fetch his clothes, his belongings were reportedly found packed into cardboard boxes. Van Staad told News24 police are awaiting results into what caused the fire at the house, though it is believed that the woman set fire to the living room where the shootings took place.

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E-mail Newsletters You choose what you want. News24 on Android Get the latest from News24 on your Android device. I am so glued to your diary, and I know how our parents sometimes go with their first reaction and end up handling thinks so badly!

I Adopted an African Grey! *She was Abandoned*

I take my hat off sisi for the bravery of telling it like it is. Hi Lady Sam! The blogger is actually a man!! Can you believe it??? Mike, all the best with your television ventures. I hope ndifumana the perfect Thandeka, papa G and Python. Shame poor girl doesnt deserve this at all, especially the humiliation at school.

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This is what leads kids to suicide, my guess is that she will attempt suicide. Uyanginyanyisa nje. As a principal bengizomugquza nje ngimtshele ukuthi ezakwakhe akazilungisele kwakhe, I hate the woman, nx!!! Uyangicika, bengizomshaya ngetshe ekhanda nje uma ngihlangana naye bese ngyacasha. Sies makaN!!!

Mmmmm intresting very intresting! To be honest this story is all too familiar to all young ladies out there, me included! I am so glued to your diary, and I know how our parents sometimes go with their first reaction and end up handling things so badly! More chapters Mikey. Catch 22 serves her ryt?

Then again such humiliation she could commit suicide! The plan was to humiliate her at school she pretended all was ohkay the whole weekend to catch her offguard. Wow it seems like this is a story of someone I know, the mother is so wrong to embarass her like that. More chapters mike the suspense is killing me.

I feel sorry for you. Ur mom humiliated u very badly. Moms like that… I got a mom like that too- hardcore nd beats u till u drop. Probably ur tear-sack went dry too… But tbh u kinda did deserve it but not at school thou… cant watch. Ayi bandla I rly fil 4 her. Her mum is taking 2 far. Uzobaryt dts wt u get 4 fooling arnd. Nxt chptr plz. This woman is humiliating her child. This is not discipline but humiliation. Shame, poor girl, hope she has learnt her lesson!!!! Mike cum on now post atleast 10 chapters per day! Yoh lomama! She could have at least thought of another way of humiliating her.

Ayikho lento yenziwe ngulomama, yenza icheek qha but ke some parents are just extreme. Thanks for giving us something to chat about hours on end.

Confessions of a Neglected African Daughter by Bosompem Kwasi

Wish you well for the movie series, will be watching with the gals. Please also write about school girls dating taxi drivers, I was one and have a lot to tell and share lessons learnt. Your work is amazing I enjoy each an every chapter nd I look forward to the next…keep it up! Dude please post on the Diary of Zulu Girl already! Come on! I reckon you now owe us 3chapters of Diary of a Zulu Girl to make up! Shame man I feel for her, that was very embarrassing.

Hai shame lengani ya bantu kwanele fr a day , u got beat up school now umfundisi real goboza mina ngingafa strait. Hahaha Lilly, only a black person knows what it means to be black, with a ganta mother like that…. Yho a priest to deliver her frm spirit of lust.. Lov yo blog mxwaaaaaa.

Confessions – Chapter Eight – Diary of a Zulu Girl

First off… One thing I have noticed thus far is that Mike id neglectful and not fast enough… U cnt get us hookd to sumthing then u take so much tym to give us next fixture… Hai bo! What kind of mother does that? Why engahlalisi umntwana wakhe phantsi or moer her in their house?? Funny enough, the community will turn against her and call her names bathi akakwazi kuqeqesha umntana.

She should have deciplined her privatly now the whole chuch is going to gossip abt her im definetly sure the pastor is going to preach abt her mxm. Thanx Mike this is getting intresting alot wink. Cha dis is too much manje, usangene umama lo, habe… Uyodela uma izibulala yini ingane le…. Why is she being like that??? The way enza ngakhona ngathi uzama uquma elakhe inyala. This women though, how does she air her daughters dirty laundry for every1 to see.

Who is she suppose to turn to now. This mother is too much of a drama queen. Her mother is an alien from a deprived planet. Ag shame I really felt for her through the ordeal.. Tjo my mother is strict but she would never do that to me, that woman went too far.. I take off my hat for you Mr.

Ashish Ghadiali & James Rogan

Maphoto, what an interesting story I just wish young girls will take time to read it as for now but since its going to be a tv series I forsee many young girls repenting from their wild and fast lives. Keep on doing good job! Thank you. Lol da pastor remind me of my high school days, gosh he ws called almost every month 2 pray 4 me lol patents.

Iyo Nely is in a very bad space, I jst wish her dad stays in da dark, as for da policeman nxa uyaphapha man. LOL…your mom is my role model….. Hhayi this is hot stuff! Thank u my friend for introducing me to this website! I am hooked!