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Science and the Search for Meaning

First, we know scientific understanding will keep changing. We can depend on the unchanging gospel of Jesus Christ to help us make decisions between right and wrong. Nelson, President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and a renowned heart surgeon, has talked about how religion and science fit together. In reality, nothing that science reveals can disprove your faith. So if you like science, learn all you can about your area of interest!

Linus Carl Pauling (1901-1994)

Your faith can even give you an advantage. Brother Richard Gardner, an associate professor of biology at Southern Virginia University, says that his faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ has been a big help to him. Brother Down also feels that his faith has helped him with his work in science. For example, some people believe in God simply because they see no other explanation for their observations of the world.

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Professor Gardner gives an example:. But what happens to our faith when these gaps are closed by the discovery of new fossils? Rather, we need to obtain positive evidence of God, through the Holy Ghost, and then we can rejoice in any scientific discovery instead of worrying about it.

Aeon for Friends

When we take this approach, we remember that both science and religion can help us along in our search for truth, and that, ultimately, all of that truth comes from the same source: God. Here are more reasons why people should try to understand as much as they can about science and where modern research is going.

Even a little bit of scientific understanding can help you know what is worth being afraid of on the basis of facts.

Climate change is dangerous, but genetically modified foods are not. Understanding the issues will help you make your mind up and expose the false claims that build up. Eating fresh veg is definitely good for you but it will not cure cancer or restore lost vision.

Learning the truth through science

As with things financial, if a claim sounds too good to be true it probably is. We readily accept scientific advances in communications, entertainment and medicine but for some reason seem arbitrarily to reject others. People seem to trust the scientists on some issues and not on others, despite not having grounds for doubt.

Be open to the argument that is based on hard information. Modern society could not run without the science and technology that built it. Personal transport is a given but science and technology must be used to help move us away from fossil fuel use. And they must also develop ways to reduce the pollution that other scientists have shown can damage our lungs.

This is fine if the goal is to cure a disease like cystic fibrosis but what if it is used to give a child blue eyes or enhance height? An informed public must be in place to exert influence on ethical issues and in order to do this people need at least some grasp of the science. The advance of science has delivered lots of good things, a longer lifespan, better health throughout our lifetimes and better ways to treat dangerous diseases.

The Search for Truth in Physics

Watching the progress being made by scientific endeavour, with new challenges being met and overcome, makes you realise that there is much more to follow. Who knows where we will be 20 years from now. Science and technology demand exceptional creativity, in the same way that the arts require creativity. Both are a source of new thinking, fresh ideas and novel ways of doing things. If you understand a bit of what is going on, you too can participate in this creative activity by asking simple questions.

Is there a way to reduce deaths on our roads through the use of new technologies?

Scientific advance continually throws up fresh questions about ethics and the controls placed on this advance. Often things are left to politicians in the hope that legislative controls might be introduced, but what if they are ignored? People need to understand and debate issues of importance and to do this they need to be informed.

Search For Truth Lesson 1

Many people make use of medicines and treatments that make claims without any facts to back them up. Some are harmless, but these can quickly become dangerous if taken to extremes. Pressure groups will push to keep them in use for financial reasons, but people need to be able to ask the right questions to expose phoney treatments. Understanding a bit of the science can help. The aim of this page since it began in has been to help people understand the wonderful work being done by scientists as they seek to understand the world around them.

It has sought to build bridges between researchers and the public, letting the scientists tell their stories in a way that anyone can understand. Hopefully this has been accomplished to some degree over the years. It has been a pleasure to serve you, and thanks for reading. There is a hypothesis that eating ultraprocessed foods can disrupt signals between the gut and the brain, encouraging us to keep eating.