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By Ambrose Bierce

Achsschenkel m wheel spindle MT. Achsschwingschenkel in wheel spindle G. Achssitze mpl axle seats for gunners. Achssturz m pivot inclination, kingpin inclination MT. Achszapfen in kingpin, steering knuckle pivot MT. Achszapfensturz in -pivot inclination, kingpin inclination MT. Achterzelt n eight-man tent. Achtganggetriebe n eight-speed transmission MT.

Adjutant m adjutant, aide, aide-decamp, executive officer. Adler m eagle. Admiral m admiral. Aggregat n unit, set; charging unit Elec.


Ago name of an aircraft manufacturing company. Akjam boat-type runner placed under gun wheels for operations in deep snow; also used as a, swamp conveyance for ivounded, etc.

Akten fpl documents, records, papers, file. Aktenmaterial n official documents. Aktenschrank m filing cabinet. Aktionsradius m See Wirkungsbereich.

Body Of Deceit

Alarmplatz m alarm station. Alleinflug m solo flight. Allradantrieb m all-wheel drive MT. Alter n age. Altgummi n-m scrap rubber. Altmaterial n junk, scrap, waste. Altmetalle, scrap metal. Amatol n amatol Am. Ammoniumpikrat n ammonium pic-rate Am. Ammonpulver n ammonal Am. Ammonsalpeter-Sprengmittel n ammonium nitrate explosive. Amperemeter n ammeter. Amphibienflugzeug n amphibian airplane.

Amphibienkampfwagen m amphibian tank. Amt w office, bureau; administrative function; telephone central. Amtswalter m administrator Reich Labor Service. Amtszusatz m telephone-exchange auxiliary set connects field central ivith country-wide network. Anaglypt n anaglyph Surv. Analphabet in illiterate.

Anderthalbdecker m sesquiplane. Anerkennungsschreiben n commendation. Anfahrtsgang m low gear MT, Tk. Anfall m surprise attack, raid. Anfangsbuchstabe m initial, first letter.

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Anfangsdrall m initial twist Ord. Anfeuerungssatz m booster charge Am. Anflugm coming flight AAA ; approach run bombing ; approach flight Avn. Anflugkurs m approaching course Avn. Anflugsektor m on-course zone Inst landing ; approach zone Adrm. Anflugwinkel m ap'proach angle, angle of approach Avn.

Motor Development*

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Angriffsbefehl m attack order. Angriffsbeginn m time of attack. Angriffsflug m air-attack flight, raid Avn. Angriffsgefecht n offensive combat. Angriffsgraben m assault trench. Angriffsplan m plan of attack. Angriffsstreifen m attack sector. Angriffstruppen fpl attack units, attack troops.

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Angriffsverlauf m progress of an attack. Angriffsversuch m attempted attack. Angriffszielti objective of attack. Angriffszwischenziel n intermediate objective. Anhalt m guide, general principle. Anhaltspunkt m check point Gunnery, Air Navigation, Surv ; item in a check list combat orders.

Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments

Anhang m appendix to a manual, etc. Anker m armature, rotor Elec ; anchor Nav. Ankerbalken m anchor stock. Ankerflunken w anchor fluke. Ankergrund m anchorage Nav. Ankerlicht n anchor light. Ankerlichten n weighing anchor. Ankermast m mooring mast. Ankerpfahl m anchor stake for a guy line.

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Ankerplatz m anchorage Nav. Ankerseil n guy line. Ankerstich m anchor hitch. Ankersucher m grapnel. Ankiindigungskommando n preparatory command. Anlasser m starter Mtr. Anlauf m take-off run Avn. Anlegepunkt m aiming point. Anmarsch m approach, approach march, advance Tac.

Anmarschweg m approach, approach route. Anodenkreis m plate circuit Rad. Anorak m parka Clo.