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We thank you very much. My boyfriend and I would like to say "Thank you very much" from both of us to our friend. I know you can say "muito obrigado" or "muito obrigada" depending on whether you are male or female. I was wondering whether there is a plural form, i. I will be "muito obrigada" for your help! OUS said:. I believe the best way to say what you want is: Estamos muito agradecidos insert reason. For example: Estamos muito agradecidos pela sua disponibilidade. Estamos muito agradecidos pela sua hospitalidade. Estamos muito agradecidos pela amabilidade de nos ter recebido.

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Thank you very much, Vanda and xiskxisk! English - USA California.

Vanda said:. As a couple you can say: Somos muito agradecidos! Either ''muito obrigada'' for women or ''muito obrigado'' for men. Last edited by a moderator: Jun 6, Welcome TravelOn. You couldn't link a video not only because you are a newbie. It is also because we can't link videos according to the rules. Literally it would go like: we are the ones to be thankful! Remember to show love to those all round you.

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Painted over and over again with reunited love. Arrivals embraced with tears of pure joy. Departures released with throats choked in deep sadness. Every glorious morning I open this window and let their light in. The birds their choir. The church bells ring. Sitting in the rain kissed breeze surrounded by the clouded mooned ocean. Embraced by pure memories of past Holding on tight to the moments given. Kneeling to all that is left. Vila Nova. A nossa. When: July , I wish you could smell this. Welcome to the Beautiful Abyss…. Located on the north coast of Terceira Island, Biscoitos consists of natural pools outlined among the curious configurations of black rocks resulting from volcanic eruptions.

On your downtime, discover nature, swim and enjoy a beautiful landscape contrasting between the dark basalt and the blue of the sea. No matter how far you travel No matter how lost you seem The slower we fall The deeper we go. I know how much of a luxury it is to share what continuously makes my life worth living.

It is because of your steady smiles, your gratitude and strong hugs at the end, while telling me that my words resonated, that I continuously feel the privilege of getting up from my knees in awe of all of this oh glorious life. There is something about this place.

My roots planted long before I was born. I hear their ancient stories in between each cobblestone and broken azulejo crack. I find pause often to hear the whispers of not so long gone palaces, warrior maidens and navigator discoverers off to sea.

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It is here I will always return to read all of the Portuguese stories written between each and every cobblestone line until perhaps one day, a dreamer like me will leave mine. Priceless pieces of Porto. Want to vacation on an Atlantis island and take your teaching skills to another anatomical level? I've wandered through the real world, and written myself through the darkness of the streets inside me.