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I tossed the unwearable ones, with his permission, and he turned to his closet and took out half his sport shirts. He told me some were 20 years old. Yesterday he packed for a trip and picked the socks he wanted to wear not the ones on top. I put my unwanted stuff in shopping bags. The only issue is that the ones with the paper cord handles are chewed through by the kitten before they get out the door. Who needs jeans? He owned none when we got married — said they were uncomfortable. Eventually, I had to agree. Great post. I never had any jeans I loved either until I tried them.

It is not about what you put your discarded items in…. It helped me accept what was important and what was not….. I take all my discards to Goodwill in garbage bags! I have been hearing more and more about this book.

The 30-Day Declutter Challenge

I do need to read it and start de-cluttering. It has been a stressful 17 years watching things pile up. A major thorn in my side. I have to admit that most of the items belong to me, and used to belong to my daughter who is now I become attached to stuffed animals, and things with memories.

A stuffed snake his parent brought him home from Mexico years ago and one of those coconut monkey, just to name a few. After my mom died my clutter has increased. And hopefully it will give me a good starting point since that is my major issue too. Great book and great article, but are your t-shirts folded correctly?

It seems that leaving the collar exposed is to be avoided.

This book and method is the real thing. Just read about it online. I just started reading it.

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I hope it helps me. Deal with what is in your home now. Who cares where you get things in the future. Get the book from the library and see if it helps you. Clutter is a problem for many people, including me. A lifelong problem. I hope I can use this technique. Read articles online and try to get the book, even just at the library. It gives me hope. Also the last time I did a ruthless wardrobe cull, my husband negated my decluttering by encroaching on my newly-Zen closet and drawer space with his ever-expanding collection of stained and ripped T-shirts and exercise shorts.

I think it is very realistic if you put your discarded stuff in trash bag or boxes. When you are trying to declutter purge before you start organizing your stuff, on a separate boxes that has 3 piles one for items that can still be sell, one for donating stuff and for the junk. Lisa x lisavillaume. This is great! I hope you will post your experiences and photos with each category that you tackle.

5 Decluttering Mistakes to Avoid - How NOT to Declutter

If had a chapter on busting the excuses people give for keeping junk. I was donating and discarding like a crazed woman by the end of that chapter. It was liberating! It still has some of the best overall organization tips I have read. I have read so many articles and other books both before and since and his was one of the clearest and made the most sense. Even the books and music, which family and friends thought would be my downfall, was easy.

The books I read over and over I kept. The others I took to our local bookstore and sold. Thank you for this. I enjoyed your thoughts on the highlights. You closet picture with the ascending hems was great as well. Great ideas… inspiration to get motivated …. I would add a shelf up top…… using pretty brackets … this could be done on either side width sides of the upper closet or one straight across length sides ….. Me again — after reading through all the negative comments — here are more of my ideas: This article is laid out beautifully and absolutely should motivate most — to even aspire to having such a beautifully arranged closet.

Thanks One Kings Lane. Joy giving jeans: the simplest pair of Buckle jeans. Excellent fit and flattering. I go for the plain ones with contrast stitching, but no faux rips or actual rips or bedazzling. I get compliments on them all the itme. Great post, it was a good review since I listened to the book about a year ago … and finally, the night has come to face my closet… and wardrobe.. What a great summary and overview of this book! I am also personally doing this at home and although it can feel a bit overwhelming at times, I am thrilled with the results so far.

Not sure when I will start category number 3 — papers. Jeans that spark joy?? NYD Not your daughter jeans — especially the leggings style for me and they come in black as well. Frankly, I own 3 pairs of jeans but only one that sparks joy. These are the ones that I can wear without a belt, and that I usually roll to fit over my pair of boots or my hightops. I, too, have a fav pair of pants leggings, ankle pants, whatever and I go to them everytime.

They are black, hit right above my ankle bone, are not too tight fitting and are pull on. I can wear them with pretty much everything and to just about any occasion…. I wish I did have two more pair of them — and totally get the point. Why have another pair of anything?

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